Consulting Services: Human Resource Management

Develop Successful Human Resource Management Practices

Successful people management requires consistent, fair and respectful treatment of all employees. Proactive policies and practices avoid future problems and costs.

GEMS Group can develop HR practices that reflect your unique culture and values, are legally compliance, and contribute to your firm’s success by containing costs.

We can:

  • Implement or revise HR policies
  • Write HR manuals and employee handbooks
  • Provide tools to guide managers on employee and compliance issues
  • Assess existing HR practices
  • Assure that policies, programs and practices are legally compliant
  • Conduct FLSA Compliance

Leaving you to focus on your firm’s core business.

We can also provide:

to our clients.

Recommended “must have” policies that GEMS Group can implement - customized for its clients.

  1. Employment at Will
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity
  3. Harassment Policy
  4. Open Door/Dispute Resolution
  5. Employee Conduct
  6. Employee Performance
  7. Employment and Selection
  8. Paid time off
  9. Family and Medical Leave
  10. Employee Terminations
  11. Code of Ethics
  12. Electronic Media Usage
  13. Substance Abuse
  14. Time Charging and Overtime

Managers’ guidance tools that GEMS Group can provide - customized for its clients

  1. Manager’s Guide to Conducting Performance Evaluations
  2. Manager’s Guide to The Family Medical Leave Act

Useful HR Tools

  1. Records Management & Personnel Files Guide (PDF File 191 KB)
  2. I-9 Retention Guide (PDF File 121 KB)

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