Learning Solutions: Roadmap To Success Series

Conducting Effective Interviews. Provides practical guidance and a helpful process for recruiting and hiring the best. Discover the importance of identifying the right competencies needed for the job, evaluating and selecting the people who have those skills and abilities, and the legal realities that interact with these decisions.

Performance Management. Explores key factors in performance management including recognition and rewards, evaluating workplace performance and conduct, giving feedback (both positive and negative), documenting performance, conducting performance appraisal interviews, constructively confronting problems and paving the way for improvement. Performance and conduct issues commonly faced by mangers are discussed. Guidelines and tools for problem resolution are provided.

Resolving Workplace Conflicts explores individual styles of conflict resolution, links positive approaches for business results, provides practical tips emphasizing the unique nature of each conflict, and presents a model for constructive conflict resolution. Role plays and case studies will allow participants to apply the model.

Investigating Workplace Complaints. Learn a process for investigating complaints of any nature, including harassment and discrimination claims. Discusses how to plan the investigation, interview witnesses, collect relevant and supporting documents, make recommendations and write reports. Through role plays and case studies, participants will practice various steps in the process. Tools and checklists to assist the investigation are provided.

The Basics of People Management. Explores people management issue through awareness of laws and best practices using case studies and exercises. Focuses on making effective workplace and employment decisions and preventing problems. Provides an overview of employment law and workplace discrimination issues, guidelines on documenting issues and avoiding retaliation. An employee relations primer for managers and HR professionals.

A Users Guide to Affirmative Action Plan Development. Whether you write your own plan or outsouce it, understanding the technical and statistical components are critical to affirmative action success. The workshop will walk participants through the process of completing the statistical analysis and explain the importance of having accurate data.

5 Steps for Putting Action into Your Affirmative Action Program. Once your affirmative action plan is written, your must implement your affirmative action program. This workshop will focus on the programs and practices government contractions must implement and on-going responsibilities, providing practical guidance for complying with government regulations.

Surviving OFCCP Compliance Evaluations. What to do when the OFCCP comes knocking - this workshop explains the types of compliance evaluations that occur, the compliance review process and guidance on managing the audit to ensure success.

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