Learning Solutions: Respect Series

A New Spin on Diversity raises awareness about core diversity dimensions and issues in the workplace and society and recognizes the importance of respectful workplace behavior for organizational success.

A New Spin on Gender Awareness explores attitudes, perceptions, assumptions and expectations about gender roles and recognizes their impact in the workplace.

A New Spin on Preventing Workplace Harassment focuses on the behavioral aspects of harassment while exploring some of the key issues related to harassment in the workplace.

Linking Team Dynamics to Business Results raises awareness respectful workplace communication, behavior and interaction and its impact on team effectiveness. It also explores the dimensions of teamwork and personal style along with techniques to enforce team building.

Linking Ethics and Integrity to Business Results presents a process for making ethical decisions, describes situations that present ethical challenges and an opportunity for participants to practice solving ethical problems.

Etiquette at Work explores disruptive workplace behavior and its effect on productivity, turnover and employee morale along with techniques to positively influence behavior, respectfully address misbehavior and reinforce courtesy and kindness in the workplace.

Difficult Conversations focuses on what makes workplace conversations difficult and the barriers to communication that adds to the difficulty along with techniques to giving feedback, maintaining control in emotional situations, confronting difficult situations, and skills for effective listening, getting to the root of the issue and delivering “bad news”.

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